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5 Tips to Make Your Antler Last Longer

One of the main benefits of antlers is the hours and hours of chewing they provide. Ideally, the correct antler for your dog should last at least a month or two. Along with choosing the correct size and style to best suit your dog, there are a few things that you can do to help make it last a little longer.

1. Use The FREE Storage Bag 

Each order comes with its own storage bag for when the chew is not in use. Keep your antler inside it so there is less chance of losing it.


The 3 different sized cloth bags that we provide with each order.


2. Keep The Antler Inside

The sun is the number one enemy to an antler. If it has to much sun exposure, the antler will become dried out and lose some of its appeal.


Old antlers dried out from the sun.


3. Treat It Like A Treat

We recommend to not let your dog have the antler 24/7. Introduce it to them as a treat, when everyone is lounging around in the living room not doing much, or if you have to keep them in a crate. If they have access to the antler all the time, it becomes less valuable to them and they may lose interest.


A dog enjoying his whitetail antler.


4. Keep It Fun 

If your dog or pup is new to antlers, make the experience fun. Play a little game of tug-of-war with it, or tease them. After a while, they won't be able to leave it alone.


A dog enjoying his antler tine.


5. Have One For Each Dog 

A lot of times, dogs act kind of like toddlers. When one of them has something they want, they try to take it from them or bother them about it. We recommend getting one for each of your dogs so that there are no fights started. They will thank you!


Two dogs enjoying their new Red Stag bases.


Antlers will already last longer than any other pet store chew you can buy, but with these tips, you and your dog will get even more value out of it.


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