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George Washington's Influence On Fallow Deer

In honor of President's Day, we thought we would do a blog post relating one of the most important presidents in United States history, and Fallow deer. 

Mt. Vernon Deer Park

Soon after the U.S. won it's independence, George Washington returned home to his Mount Vernon estate in Virginia. He had a few acres close to the river that he wanted to do something with, and decided to turn it into a park for some deer. He mailed a friend back in England to find a way to get him a pair of Fallow deer. 

Historic barn at George Washington's Mt. Vernon estate.

Acquiring Fallow Deer

While his friend in England was searching for Fallow deer there, George also mailed a friend in Maryland that had his own herd asking to get some from him. Benjamin Ogle provided 6 Fallow fawns for George, thus starting the future presidents new deer herd. His park finished construction in March of 1786 and began to acquire even more deer for it. Along with the addition of native Whitetail deer, he also began getting more Fallow deer. In 1787, he mailed a friend in Maryland congratulating him on starting his own Fallow deer herd. He also asked for a male and female from his herd to diversify his genetics. Another friend of his sent him a white doe for his herd as a thank you gift.

In 1789 George Washington became president. While away for presidential duties, the fences for his deer park were neglected, and deer started escaping. George asked his neighbors to please not hunt any of his Fallow deer, and also forbid them from hunting on his place. Another thing George was known for was his pack of beloved hunting hounds. Because he loved his deer so much, he got rid of his dogs because the deer got nervous around them.

Herd of Fallow bucks, does, and babies.

The first president of the United States of America left his mark on many things. He also plays a role in the beginnings of Fallow deer in North America.

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