Our Story

Why Did We Get Started?

After seeing the way that cheap chews get destroyed by most dogs in a matter of minutes, we thought that there could be something better. Being an avid hunter all of my life, I always knew that deer antler was an option for dogs, but I didn't realize how great of an option they were. After trying a few out with our dogs, and some friends dogs, Lone Star Antler Chews was born. 

Our ultimate goal with this company is to change the way our dogs spend their time and improve the quality of treat that we give them. We also want to provide a customer experience that our customers have never seen before within the pet industry. We take special pride in all the steps that it takes to get an antler to you and your dog. From carefully measuring each antler, determining the right angle to cut, and making sure all the edges are sanded smooth, each step has you and your dog in mind.  

Who Are We?

Lone Star Antler Chews is a brand who encourages and equips people and their dogs to explore and discover the outdoors. We believe that an active dog is a happy dog, whether that is a police K9 on the job using their specific skill set, or the family dog enjoying a game of fetch at the park. We don't want to be known as just a company that sells dog chews, we want to be known as the company that helps connect you and your dog to the outdoors, starting with an all natural, long lasting antler.

Our Mission

"We want to be a brand who encourages people and their dogs to explore the outdoors."

Core Values

I think many people would agree, the world would be a better place if everyone had the same character traits as a good dog. We selected our core values after observing and admiring the behaviors of the best dogs we have owned. We strive to embody these values in everything that we do, whether its a face to face interaction, a discussion over the phone, or the care in how we package your order.


A dog is the only animal that will love you more than it loves itself. Be loyal to your family, your friends, your neighbors and your country.

Continuous Improvement

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Prove this statement false. Make it a point every day to get a little bit better, learn a little more, and improve anyway that you can.


A dog doesn't wait to go get what it wants, your attention, their favorite toy, or a place to mark its territory. Be proactive with what you want, don't wait on anyone else to get it for you.


A dog is one of the most moral animals on Earth. Be loyal, forgiving, and determined to what and who matters most to you.


Every pack needs a strong Alpha. Be the leader that your family needs, your friends need, your community needs, and that our country needs.

Give It Your All

A good dog gives their undivided attention whenever they have a task to complete. Whatever you have to do or choose to do, give it 100% of your effort 100% of the time. Be the best at it that you can be.

Be Friendly

Everyone knows that most dogs have never met a stranger in their life. Be open, friendly and courteous to everyone you meet and treat them like an old friend, whether you have known them for 10 years or 10 minutes.


The best hunting dogs keep their nose to the ground and take the path less traveled. Get outside, try new things, meet new people, go new places. We only have this one life, have more memories than regrets.

Field Journal

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