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Medium Average Antler Chew

Struggling to find chews that are a natural and safe alternative to other chews? Look no further than our medium antler chew! Made from all-natural, American sourced antlers, our chews are cut and sized for your large dog.

Unlike other chews on the market, our antler chew contains no artificial flavors or preservatives. It is a completely natural treat that you can feel good about giving to your dog. They are also great for promoting healthy teeth and gums, as the gnawing action helps to remove plaque and tartar buildup.

Elk/Red Stag Split: These antlers are a very similar make-up, so we pair them together. These antlers are split down the middle, exposing the marrow inside to allow an enjoyable chewing experience for your dog.

Fallow: Made up mostly of marrow and a small amount of harder bone, Fallow provides a good, middle of the road chew for dogs that enjoy the chewing experience. Containing enough marrow so its not to tough, but also having enough bone on the edge to make it last a bit.

Subscription: You can now have our chews sent automatically to you. Save money on shipping and antler cost by saving 10% on monthly orders, 5% on bi-monthly orders, and FREE shipping for all! Just choose the weight of your antler, the frequency, and you're set! If we are low on inventory, our subscription boxes will get priority over regular orders! For example, if you are subscribed for a 14 oz, and we only have one antler that fits that size and style, we will take it off the website, and set it aside for your next order!

Species: Elk/Stag Split Antler
Size: 11 oz

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My dog loves his!