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What Size Antler Should I Get My Dog?

A question that we get often is "what sized antler is best for my dog?" It can be very confusing when you are looking at all the different species, styles, and sizes of antler to choose from. Luckily we have come up with a pretty reliable formula to calculate a good size antler for your dog.

Size Matters

Before we talk math, we would like to give a piece of advice. You do not have to follow the ratio exactly, it can be varied a little. However we do recommend that you don't get an antler to small for your dog. This presents a couple of different problems. The first, and most obvious, is that an antler that is to small provides a greater chocking risk to your dog. The second problem is that if you get to small of an antler, it will not last your dog as long as an appropriate sized one would. We cannot make you get the right sized antler for your dog, but we strongly encourage spending that few extra dollars to do so.

A dog enjoying their new split antler.

Our Ratio

Now that we have gotten the warnings out of the way. We want to share our size ratio with you. It is quite simple, and does not require calculus or long division. Our ratio we recommend is 5:1, or for every 5 pounds of dog, get 1 ounce of antler. The easiest way to do the math quickly is round your dogs weight to the nearest 5 or 10 interval, and divide that number by 5. For example, if your dog is 78 pounds, you would round to 80, and divide that by 5, which would give you 16 ounces of antler. Now for those of us that do not feel like doing math, we have made it simple by adding a few tables below with our recommendations.

For Small Dogs

Our sizing chart for small sized dogs.

For Medium Dogs

Our sizing chart for medium sized dogs.

For Large Dogs

Our sizing chart for large sized dogs.

 Like we said, we cannot make you buy any certain size antler, but we strongly recommend that you follow this ratio as close as possible.

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