Red Stag



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should this be an indoor or outdoor treat?

We recommend indoor. Leaving antler exposed to the sun is the quickest way to ruin it. It dries out the antler and causes it to become chalky, which could be hazardous for your dog. 

2. Should my dog have access to its chew all the time?

It depends on the dog! We usually recommend to only bring it out in certain times. If you treat it more as a treat, they value it more, and will stay more interested. If you let them have access to it all the time, they could become bored with it. 

3. What if my dog is new to antler chews or is not a powerful chewer?

No problem. Each antler has a certain amount of marrow in the middle. When you cut into the antler, and expose the marrow, it gives your dog access to it so it is less work when it is chewing. If your dog is new to antlers, we recommend any of our split antlers. When you choose your dogs size, click the "Light Chewing" section, and thats where our split products will be.

4. Is this safe for puppies?

Of course! We do recommend that they be at least 6 weeks old before you give them a chew though. If you still don't feel comfortable, be sure to check with your vet!

5. When should I get a new chew?

Again, this depends on the dog. We like to leave this up to you, the pet owner. If the chew gets worn down enough to where your not sure if your dog can chew on it safely without you watching, then we recommend throwing it out and ordering a new one!