Red Stag



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Large Aggressive Chewer Subscription Box
Anna Yochum (Cape Coral, FL)
Big dogs

We have four mastiffs and they all love to chew! These antlers are great, our one female hides them all in her bed and doesn’t like to share. I do recommend these antlers if your dog loves to chew.

Large Red Stag Base
Quint Williams (Leander, TX)
Great Antlers

The large stag base is perfect for our aggressive chewer. Finally something that last him and is worth it!

Small Aggressive Chewer Subscription Box
Kendall (San Antonio, TX)

My dog loves them and I like that I don’t have to remember to order the next one!

Small Axis Beam
Ashley Phillips (Ennis, TX)
Pug approved

We bought one for our pug at an event. She loved them we ordered more for her and ordered a few for my mother in laws dog. They both love them. Highly recommended!

Large Fallow Paddle
Will rice (Bryan, TX)
No more fighting

Both my Dane mixes were jumping with excitement for their new Fallow Paddles, no more fighting over what is left of the 1st one. Customer service is honest and amazing. I received 2 chews as ordered except one was smaller than what was expected so he threw the difference in the box in cash. Dogs really love these things.

Thanks again!

Thank you for the pictures of your dogs with their new chews! We apologize about not having the size you ordered in stock, thanks for being so understanding with the smaller antler and the refund.

Small Whitetail Tines
Kendall (San Antonio, TX)
Super Chewer Approved!

My dachshund has gone through two of these now. The two lasted her about 7mos! Now I’m back ordering replacements!

Thank you for the continued support Kendall, we are gla to hear your dachshund likes them!

Small Whitetail Tines
Jenn Flores
Thumbs Up!

Tried a different option, other than Axis, for my 2 year old Corgi. He is talented at destroying toys and treats. Nothing we purchase lasts very long and after spending 100's of dollars on toys/treats we found Antler Chews! Cash loved his whitetail antler and has almost devoured it in a record 19 days. I cannot recommend Antler Chews enough.

Thank you for the support Jenn! We appreciate the review and recommendation

Small Axis Base
Jenn Flores
Absolute Best!!

We love this company and the products they provide for our fur-babies. This is the 2nd one I have purchased and no other treat can stand up against this Axis. My corgi is a hardcore chewer and this is the first item that he has not mowed through in 15 minutes. These are wonderful to have around for your dogs! Will be a lifetime customer!

Thank you for the kind words Jenn, we are very happy to hear that it withstands your Corgi!

Medium Red Stag Tines
Lindsey Monroe (Conroe, TX)
The absolute best!

I have never found such perfect entertainment for my dog! I am so pleased with this product and he loves fhem’

Thank you Lindsey, we are very happy to hear y’all are both pleased with the antlers!

Large Fallow Paddle
Michelle Miller (Memphis, TN)
Our dog loves this!

We love how excited our lab, Honey, gets when a fresh new antler chew shows up! She can tear through a store bought rawhide in less than a half hour - but these natural antler chews last for months!
Thank you Lone Star Antler Chews for a responsibly-sourced natural product and your excellent customer service!

Thank y’all for the great pictures and your support! We are sure glad Honey likes them

Small Red Stag Tines
Sheri Sanderson (Paducah, KY)

Harley loves them

We are glad Harley loves them! Thank you!

Small Whitetail Tines
Michael Dixon (Philadelphia, PA)
Amazing Prodct

I have small dogs and they absolutely love when it’s time for new ones!!

We are very glad y'all like them! Thank you so much for the kind words and continued business

Medium Fallow Base
Karen Schumann (San Antonio, TX)
Pug Approved!

These antlers are super popular with my three pugs! They were definitely hit straight out of the bag, but have certainly become the chew of choice in our house! It goes to show you that dogs have no idea how big or small they actually are because these antlers are almost as long as the pugs that are carrying them around like the Grinch’s dog with the head antler on Christmas! We are all very happy with the purchase.

Thank you so much Karen, but please don't try to make them pull a sleigh!