Why Antlers?

Antlers provide a healthy treat for your dog that is full of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for their overall health. Not only will the hard antler provide them with a long time of chewing and entertainment, it will also help to clean their teeth while they are doing so. These are all natural, healthy treats straight from nature, to your pet. Another thing you should know is that our antlers are sold by weight, not length. The heavier the antler, the longer it will last. 

We promise this about our antlers...

1. They are fresh, to provide ultimate enjoyment for your dog

2. The antler is bought and sold in the United States of America

3. All of our antlers are naturally shed, not cut off of the deer

4. There is no "processing" or added ingredients, you receive 100% deer antler

5. They will last longer than most other chews

Antler Care Tips

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5 Star Reviews

Here is what people are saying about their antler chews...

My pomchi loves her antler! It keeps her occupied when she has to stay in her crate, which is great! In the past she would cry when I arrived home before being let out of her crate, but now she just looks at me with the antler in her mouth as if I'm interrupting her.

Small Elk Quarter Splits

My dog Oddie loves to chew on things. He will demolish a rawhide or bully stick in under 20 minutes, so I picked a good sized antler and so far about 25+ hours of chewing and he has barely made a dent...

Medium Axis Beam

I have a 11 month old golden retriever puppy that is an aggressive chewer. The Nyla Bones we get from PetSmart would only last her about 2 weeks until they were a nub and had to be thrown away. I was told by a coworker to check out antler chews for her to try...

Large Axis Base

Our weimaraner and lab love Lone Star Antlers! They are very active chewers and their antler has lasted months. This is a high quality product that I would recommend!

Medium Red Stag Split Beam

Got the chew for my 90lb German Shepard and he absolutely loves it. My Shepard has had the chew for 2 months and chews it every day and has barely made a dent in it. I won’t shop anywhere else for antler chews this company is without question the best out there.

Large Elk Y-Beam

As the owner of a 90 pound power chewer, I have been trying to find something that lasts more than an hour. My brother suggested antlers but I had been reluctant as I anticipated another expensive treat gone in an hour...

Large Red Stag Crown

Melvin loves his Lone Star Antler Chew! We initially bought a different type of antler, but Mel really seemed to gravitate towards the Fallow Paddle. Dustin was so friendly with the exchange process, it really made it an enjoyable shopping experience. 5 star service alongside a 5 star product!

Medium Fallow Paddle
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Lone Star Antler Chews was created with the idea of providing the best, all natural chews for your dog. Although our process is not unique to us s...

5 Tips to Make Your Antler Last Longer

Antlers will already last longer than any other pet store chew you can buy, but with these tips, you and your dog will get even more value out of it.

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