Red Stag


Rodent Chews

  • 1/2 lb of antler
  • Mix of multiple different species of antler
  • Small pieces of scrap antler, perfect for hamsters, mice, squirrels, etc.

About the Chew:
One of the things that classifies an animal as a "rodent", is the fact that their front teeth never stop growing. To keep their teeth from growing into their brain, they must chew on something to keep them ground down. Antlers are perfect for that. This bag contains exactly 1/2 lb of various small cuts of antler, that are not large enough for dogs to chew on. This pile of antler pieces is sure to provide enough chewing material for your hamster, mouse, guinea pig, chinchilla, etc. to keep their front teeth where they need to be.


Sheds are like fingerprints. They all have the same general shape, but the details are very different. Although the picture shows a general idea, the colors and shapes will vary. 

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